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Your motivating testimonials begin right here. Thailand Hair Transplant Center would like to dedicate this page to everyone. Dr. Suradej Pong would like to take this opportunity to invite all of his patients to participate in sharing their hair loss experiences from the beginning to the end of their journeys. 

Our mission is to help people who are experiencing hair loss for the first time cope, overcome the fear and anxiety, and learn more about hair loss and find the right treatment. 

For people who are experiencing hair loss, we hope these stories inspire you. You are not alone. These testimonials will motivate you to look for help. We are only one click away. There is no reason to suffer hair loss any longer. 

Mr.G.K. Western Australia

I was never blessed with thick hair as a child and from my early teens I had resigned myself to the fact that I was eventually going to end up bald. Both of my grandfathers had lost their hair quite early and I knew it run on both sides of my family so it was inevitable. I tried not to let it bother me but deep down it was always on my mind. I had no idea what to do but I just knew I had to do something. I just didn’t want to be bald.

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patient #2 testimonial

Hi all, I had been considering hair transplant surgery for some time and weighed up the pros and cons of going through with it but finally settled on Dr Pong in Chiang Mai Thailand. I wanted to share my experience for others considering the same and in particular others considering Dr Pong.

When I was assessed by Dr Pong (via email) he told me I was a Norwood 4A and suggested approx 3000 grafts to restore my hair loss. Upon a physical assessment he suggested 2500 - 3000. The actual number of grafts was 2774 (6438 Hairs)

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patient #3 testimonial

I started losing my hair in my very early twenties.  At the time I was not at all surprised, as I was simply following in my father's footsteps.  From my earliest memories of my father, he only had a fringe of hair around his head and was nearly completely bald on top.  He used to joke that he saved a fortune on haircuts, as he would always tell the barber that he only wanted to pay half price, as he only had half a head of hair. If the barber did not go along with this, my dad would just get up and leave.  He always managed to find a barber who would give him a half-price haircut. 

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Mr.David Mcgrail

I hope the below details of my experience can help others.

So firstly I feel it's useful to see how I decided to have my surgery with yourself. Obviously there was the attractiveness of the price being a third of what I would pay at Harley Street, London where I had already had a consultation. Another major factor was having two friends that had already visited you and spoke to me about their how their experience had been extremely positive and their results certainly looked visually fantastic. 

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Mr.Jacob Fonseca

I live in Sydney, Australia. I heard of hair transplant surgery and made inquiries in Australia. I found the costs prohibitive. I was planning a holiday with my family in Africa and had read about the cheap surgery procedures in Thailand so did some research on Thailand. I ended up with THTC clinic whose charges seemed comparatively very reasonable. But you know what they say – you get what you pay for and I also read on the many botched up operations in Thailand so was quite hesitant indeed. 

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Aussie man

As a young man I was blessed with naturally thick, dark brown locks and never imagined it would be any other way, especially as I kept my hair while friends were starting to lose theirs.

I first noticed thinning in the front, over the next few months I lost my hair at an alarming rate. I gave lots of thought to shaving my head. 

I started surfing the net, reading as many blogs as I could. After 6 months researching extensively, I decided to go ahead and get FUT surgery done, but still had to decide on which surgeon to approach. I narrowed it down to Australian, Canadian and Thai surgeons.

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patient #7 testimonial

I started losing my hair in early age of 30 yrs and didn't know what to do...and just started browsing internet and came across many cheap and expensive hair transplant clinics but when i saw Dr Pong's picture with his staff, i felt at home, then i did a little bit check about Dr Pong's clinic by reading his website and i felt he is the wright man.

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Sorry it has taken me a while to write back to you. I am happy to share my story as part of your website to encourage others who may be considering hair transplant.

Initially I looked into getting a transplant some years ago at home in Australia, but after the consultation the price quoted was too high for me to afford so I did not proceed. 

Over the past few years I have watched my hair slowly receding more and more. I had taken to wearing a hat most of the time to hide this. It bothered me when I saw myself in a mirror and realized how bald I had become

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Mr.DG Melbourne Australia

I write this as a testimonial and background to the journey to your clinic. I am keeping a photo journal also. I hope you are well.

As a pre teenager I can remember noticing how my hair was thin compared to others. I can actually recall being concerned at this young age.  My father was bald at 30 but had a comb-over for another 50 years. I always accepted his looks and never questioned his manliness or lack of hair.  Despite my hair being thin it is curly so it always seemed to have coverage. Once a girlfriend made a comment after a shower that my poodle looks had disappeared. In my 40’s I lost a little more and in my 50’s I thought I might lose the lot. A shower was a good opportunity to see my precious hairs float away altogether.

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Mr.B Kenedy

My name is B Kennedy and was born in Bangkok, Thailand but I have lived in Vancouver Canada for over 14 years. I had a problem with hair loss. I have heard that there were many places could restore my hair loss in Canada and the USA but I did a lot of research about it back 3 years ago.

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Mr.Mark Cudlipp

I had been thinking about getting a hair transplant for a few years. I had a receding hairline the appearance of which simply bothered me. So one day about mid May'12 I decided I was going to get a hair transplant. I checked out various websites and found Dr.Pong's website the easiest to navigate with all the info I needed in addition to the best prices. 

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The following thank-you letters are from THTC's actual patients who preferred not to be identiflied by pictures due to privacy reasons

Dear Dr Pong

It is now over 10 months since you performed a procedure on my hair. The results have been very pleasing, the thickness you obtained and the shape has thrilled me. Thank you for your talent and time.

I can highly recommend your service. Your experience and advice in suggesting the number of transplants required was fantastic. The nursing care provided by your staff was wonderful.

Kind regards and thanks again


From Australia


Dear Dr. Pong,

Here are some update photos taken just few days before Christmas. This year I will get one of the best Christmas presents ever, a new head of hair! I am so happy with the way the growth is continuing. I am still getting new pimples activity, which I now see as a very good thing, as it is usually followed by the growth of even more new hair. My friends and family are completely amazed, and love the new look, telling me I look at least 10 years younger.

The following comments are from one of the forum websites where I posted some good before and after photos. This website has a membership in the 10's of thousands ....

"Well I have to say I am impressed. That's a very natural look so far."

"it's the best, most natural HT that I have ever seen"

"Looks great, especially after such a short time! It will be even better in some months."

"That's a fantastic result i must admit that before I have seen your before/after pics I did not really believe that it could be that great......"

"Nice work...your hairline looks excellent.

Did Dr. Pong take a strip from the back or do FUE?"

"Have to say I'm quite impressed as well."

"The work done on your head looks amazingly real in the photos and I'm guessing it would look even more natural in person!!

Good on you for making the right choice mate!!"

All those comments were from a site called Phuket-Info, which as I said, has many thousands of western readers and contributors. I am also getting comments like that at work, and from close friends and family. Even just yesterday, the bank manager who approved my line-of-credit to have the surgery done in August, saw the result for the first time when I went by the bank. She was amazed and told me I look years younger.

December 3 cannot come soon enough. I can't wait to have the 2nd surgery done.

Please with a Merry Christmas to all your wonderful staff, and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year's season yourself.


From Canada


Hey Dr Pong ! 

I am doing VERY well thank you and hope you are too!! The hair is growing in incredibly well but I am unable to send pics at the moment as I am travelling in the US for a few more weeks (til 16 June) so a bit busy on the road. When I get back I will arrange to send you some though when I get back... This procedure has literally changed my life so just another 'thank you' for that - I have a lot more confidence. Will be in contact mid-next month. Thanks for following up.


From England



My name is J.W. and I had surgery with you about 6 months ago. I am very happy with the results of my surgery. One side is slighlty thinner than the other but I understand that there is still plenty of time before the final result. Anyways, my question is about my crown area. It has gotten quite thin. I continue to take proscar but my crown is not improving and has gotten worse offer the last 2-3 months. I read that it could possibly be a season shed or something. When can I have a second surgery to fix the crown area? It has been 6 months since my previous surgery with you. I want to wait a few months to see if it might improve but if it doesn't I would like to have another surgery with you. What do you think? I will send you photos of my current situation ASAP.

Thanks so much for your time.


From USA


Hello Dr. Pong M.D. & staff..

Greetings ...hope all is well wishes and good health filled with much prosperity...

Thanks again for the successful outcome at THT Center...w/ some little turn out a lot better then what it was....a year ago...will definitely consider another procedure to fill in more density....sometime soon in the future... until then...Take care !

Aloha.....from Hawaii


From USA


Dear Dr Pong,

It is coming up on 2 years now since you performed the transplant on my receding hairline and I have been meaning to send this message for some time now.

I wish to sincerely thank you for the work you have done. The transplant remains the single greatest investment I have made in my life and you have done a fantastic job. I was 22 at the time and was very insecure about my hairline. Every time I saw myself in the mirror I hated what I saw and my confidence began to seriously suffer. I would constantly be fixing my hair in an attempt to cover it up and it was forever on my mind and bringing me down.

Now however, I have absolute confidence in my hair and never worry about it. And I mean it when I say this has changed my life completely. With this greater confidence I feel I am a better person. Also the Rogaine and Propecia you recommended me to take seem to have worked wonders and my hair is distinctly thicker than before. And I also have to say something about the attention I have been receiving from girls. I know this may sound crude but to a 22-24 year old male this is hugely important!! I have most definitely noticed an improvement in this area since the operation and I put this primarially down to my improved hair and to a lesser extent, my improved confidence. Considering how affected I was by my receding hairline, hearing a girl remark for the first time 'I like your hair' was one of the happiest moments of my life, and I have heard it several times since.

Again Dr Pong, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can only hope you continue to be in the best of health and also continue to bring the same happiness to others as you have brought to me.

All the best,


From Ireland



I've reached back safely to Singapore last afternoon! I thank all of you for the surgery. I thought it was impossible to lower my hairline as it is so expensive. But I was so happy that I found THTC! The price is really affordable for young people like me who just started working. I was so nervous and scared initially but it was totally painless during the surgery! I even went to shop right after the surgery. I can't wait to see my new hairline a few months down the road! I will send you the pictures of my hair when it grows out! Anyway, I've transferred the remaining USD100 through PayPal already. Hope you have received it. Once again, thanks to you and your wonderful team!!



From Singapore


Dear Suradej

It is now almost two weeks since you performed my transplant and I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you.

I was very pleased to meet you and was more than happy with your professionalism and obvious ability, but more importantly, felt that we got on well on a personal level. Your staff, too, were delightful and reassured me every step of the way. Please tell them that I am grateful for their kindness.

I will try to remember to take some photos from time to time to chart my progress and mail them to you. Please feel free to use them on your site if you feel they may be of help.

I will make a point of looking you up next time we are in Chiang Mai.

Lynda says hello, too.

Kind regards


From Australia


Hi Dr. Pong and all the staff

I just wanna thank you deep from my heart for the piece art you did on my very happy and thankful and greatful for your work, thank also the hospitality i and my son we got from you and your staff...thank you..thank you and God bless you and your staff..


From Sweden


Dear dr.pong,

It is now 6 months after my hair transplantation and everything is just like you told me. I am so grateful for your excellent service and want to thank you again. You did change my

All the best for you and your great team.

Best wishes


From Germany


Hey Dr Pong

Hope you are keeping well, just want to say how over the moon I am with my hair, you and your team did a fantastic job, thank you so much


From Australia


Thank you Dr. Pong,

Your excellent hair transplant work is appreciated very much. It is now almost 4 years since I you performed the procedure for me and I am very happy with the results. I can recommend you to anyone wishing to get a natural looking head of hair. Keep up the good work!


From USA


Hi Dr. Pong,

I hope you haven't forget me Dr... to tell the truth, i lost my hope of getting my hair back... and after my surgery i have no faith of my hair recovery i just did it for the sake of trying to do something for it... but now its different... i have felt it... i can see it grows.... a thousand thanks for you Dr. Im happy now not like what i use to be. All the happiness are from you Dr, thank you very much...



From Malaysia


Hello Dr. Pong,

I am writing for 2 reasons. First my hair transplant with you in July 2011 is absolutely great. I really appreciate your skill and like the change that it has made. I look at least 10 years younger and I may want to have another transplant done again with you in the near future just to make it even fuller if it is possible..

The second reason is a request to send me the total cost that I paid you for the transplant so that I may use it for tax purposes. Can you email the cost paid on your letterhead as soon as possible?

Thank you in advance and for the great job you did. I hope to see you again.


From Bonita Springs, Florida


Dear Dr Pong,

Remember, I got a transplant 12 month ago, on the 13.12.

I promised to visit you; however, I am still in Liberia, and I have currently other travel priorities within my limited time. I have not seen CNX since one year.

My hair is doing very well. It was the right decision, your advise was right and realistic. Thanks for all the service to you and your team. I now have no problems with my friends to disclose my hair "manipulation", and to refer to your clinic as a professional service provider. As soon as I return to CNX (April), I will visit you.

Best regards,

Dr. M.P.

ICRC Liberia


Hello Dr Pong!

Just thought I would send you through an email to say thanks for the great work. Attached is a photo of me at 7 months post op. I'm very happy with the work you and your team has done. Also I was wondering if I can purchase some more Firide from you

if you send me an invoice for a 1 year supply with your bank details that would be great. Am planning a trip to Chiang Mai with my

girlfriend in the new year so I will drop by.

Many thanks


From Australia


Dear Dr. Pong

Thank you very much for your early reply. Yes, the hair is growing very well and I am entirely happy. There is only one drawback - i coloured my hair darker and have to do that now on a very regular basis because the hair is growing all the time .... haha.

Kind Regards


From Australia


Hi Dr Pong.....

How are you doing?

My hair is looking great now......more than 5 months since the transplant......

Do you want a photo??

Hope you are keeping well. Please say hello to your staff too......

You're a star!


From England


Hi guys. 

I was like most of you very skeptical about the whole thing. I met Doctor Pong in Chiang Mai and I was really touched by his honesty and professionalism.

He is so kind and courteous (especially towards his staff). You will be surprised when you're there, there are so many people in his booking list.

The centre is super clean and team of nurses is very nice people. They are also very experienced with what they do which made me and my friend very comfortable with the whole process.

Doctor Pong, I'm really happy I chose you and your team, no regrets!


From Singapore


Hello Dr Pong

It is nearly 4 wks since my transplant and I am very happy with the results. I have fully recommended you to many of my friends and now my brothers would like to see you next year when I will come for my next transplant. The service and the politeness that I got from you and your staff is the best I have seen, I haven't even seen this in Australia. I have sent you some pictures of the first month after the transplant and will send you one for each month after that. I look forward to coming and seeing you and your staff again, I love your country and the people there, they are all so polite and live a friendly life style. All the best to you and your staff and take care.


From Melbourne Australia


Dear Dr. Pong

As you know, I was recently at your clinic for a transplant session. I am back home and it seems that all is going quite well. The swelling too has subsided and I am quite optimistic.

I wanted to especially thank you for being very professional and attentive to my matter. You provided an excellent session before the transplant where I was able to clear up all my doubts. Your support in the post-transplant sessions was also exemplary and I want to thank you for all that.

I was also very impressed with the professionalism of your staff. They all seemed very capable, patient, cheerful and supportive. Please convey my sincere thanks to them as well.

Overall, my experience with your office provided me a great impression of Thailand and its people. I hope to come again in a few months and bring my family along too.

I plan to recommend you and your services to various people and online networks.

Thank you again,


From USA


Dr Pong ,

I can't tell you how pleased with my results on my hair . The best part is there was no grey in it. If I were to do another transplant, how much of the front hairline would you recreate ? Would you cover the crown completely in next procedure? How much hair would this take? I will send you a picture and if you want to use it in advertising. Feel free



From USA