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For Safety Reasons

  • We do not perform hair transplants on patients who are HIV Positive.

  • If you suffer from any other medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes mellitus, toxic goiter etc., it must be well controlled by your doctor before you consider a hair transplant. We do not perform the surgery on patients with high blood pressure, high blood sugar or similar conditions.

  • It is also important that you get plenty of rest and feel relaxed before your hair transplant; therefore, we recommend that you stay in town at least for 1-2 days prior to your appointment.

  • As many patients have concerns about their appearance in the following days after the procedure, we recommend that you refrain from either having your hair cut or shaving your head prior to surgery. This of course comes down to personal choice, but keep in mind leaving your hair longer does help somewhat to conceal the newly implanted grafts as well as any redness or swelling associated with the operation.