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To all the people who are unhappy with their own hair loss.

I was never blessed with thick hair as a child and from my early teens I had resigned myself to the fact that I was eventually going to end up bald. Both of my grandfathers had lost their hair quite early and I knew it run on both sides of my family so it was inevitable. I tried not to let it bother me but deep down it was always on my mind. I had no idea what to do but I just knew I had to do something. I just didn’t want to be bald.

I first started noticing my hair thinning when I was in my late 20’s or early 30’s. At this time I started to do some research on what possible treatments I could do to get my hair back or at the very least, stop more from falling out. I tried nearly everything ever suggested on the internet. Pills, ointments, laser lights etc. You name it, I probably did it. By my mid 30’s I had lost more of my hair but I seemed to be containing the loss with Minoxidil.

Minoxidil seemed to be my solution at the time. I even had some people comment that my hair seemed to be getting thicker. I was applying it day and night and I was reasonably happy with the results. Unfortunately, I got a little complacent and sticking to that routine every day and night was tough and not always practical. Over time, my use got less and less and almost immediately, any benefit the Minoxidil gave me quickly fell out and I had suddenly lost most of my hair.

I thought that was it. I had to now accept that I was going to be bald and there was nothing I could do. I went to wearing caps everywhere. It was my new fashion accessory. I tried to avoid going anywhere I couldn’t wear my cap. I even bought different colors to go with whatever I was going to be wearing that day. I was not exactly happy about it and didn’t think they looked great but it was better than showing my bald head. I hated being in photos and decided it was better to take the photo than to be in it. Unfortunately, wearing my cap all the time was also not very practical.

I could not live the rest of my life hiding under a cap or not going out because I was unhappy with the way I looked. I am very active and still play competitive sport so I felt great and was very fit. I didn’t feel old but when I looked in the mirror I was starting to look old. I have always taken great pride in the way I looked and I was slowly becoming more withdrawn and depressed about the whole situation.

I had to do something. I soon realized the only solution for me was a hair transplant but I also realized that I could not afford one or at least justify the expense to my family. Let’s be honest, kids needs are always a greater priority than my selfishness. They were always going to come first and they were never going to go without anything for my vanity. It wasn’t until I heard of my sister’s friend who went to Thailand for a breast augmentation. She said it was half the cost of doing it at home and they did a great job. It got me thinking again. If she could do it, why couldn’t I ?

I started looking into hair transplants abroad and spoke to my wife. To be honest, she thought I was being silly and didn’t want me to do it. She was concerned of consequences and any complications that may occur. I promised her I would do my due diligence and research to find the best possible surgeon to do the job. With that, she agreed. If it was something that was going to make me happy I could do it. Yay, I had permission. Her blessing was all I needed. It was starting to get real.

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hair restoration surgery before and after
hair replacement surgery before and after

In my searching I soon came across the Thailand Hair Transplant Center in Chiang Mai and realized this is where I should go. The website was professional, it gave lots of detail about the procedure including recovery, had lots of before and after photos and best of all, the price was reasonable and within my budget. Now that I had made my decision, the countdown was on. With my profession and expected recovery time I had to wait until the January to get it done. Those months that I had to wait seemed to take forever. But at least I now knew it had become reality and my suffering of a bald head was coming to an end.

Because of the information on the THTC website, I was well aware and very informed of the procedure to come. The service that Dr Pong, the nurses and technicians provided during and after my procedure was absolutely sensational. I was well taken care of during the week I was in Chiang Mai and I could not have asked for more. The only thing I had to worry about was how long it would take to get my hair to grow through.

It was as it is on the website. I started noticing a big difference after 3 months and others started noticing the difference shortly after that. It is now approximately 8 months after my procedure and I could not be happier with my results. My confidence is up and I am feeling good about myself again. I get a lot of people comment on how great my hair looks. I have done away with my caps and am happy to have my photo taken again. The only problem I have is I now have to pay for haircuts.

For anyone feeling apprehensive about having a hair transplant done, don’t. It is by far the best decision I have ever made.



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