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4I hope the below details of my experience can help others.

So firstly I feel it's useful to see how I decided to have my surgery with yourself. Obviously there was the attractiveness of the price being a third of what I would pay at Harley Street, London where I had already had a consultation. Another major factor was having two friends that had already visited you and spoke to me about their how their experience had been extremely positive and their results certainly looked visually fantastic. 

To be honest I never thought it would be possible to get my hairline back to that extent till I spoke to them as many of the marketing seems very photoshopped and so hard to trust. This was different when I visited you website so that did put me at ease although I struggled to find a case which I could compare closely to my own.

close up hairline

Once I had decided to go ahead and booked flights to Chang Mai I was of course very nervous. Visiting the office I'm sure you saw that and you didn't rush me at all and answered all my questions till I felt I was in good hands. One thing that came as a bit of a shock was the information you gave me about shock-loss before the surgery.

I hadn't heard of the term beforehand so to realize that the transplanted hair would fall out before re-growing made me feel quite apprehensive and naturally a little disappointed as of course i wanted to see the results straight away. You and your team where fantastic throughout the procedure and especially the aftercare. I thank you again for arranging to check up on me on the Sunday before I left.

In terms of the procedure itself I thought it would be incredibly painful but that was far from the truth and I think I spent most of the procedure half asleep. With the medication you had prescribed for after this kept the pain in check and the headband was a must to keep the swelling in place. I discovered the swelling fluid soon moved if I was not wearing the headband but it quickly subsided after correcting my error.

hairline restoration
after hair transplant

Your help and the ease in which I was able to get in contact with you after the surgery and even once back in London was fantastic and dispelled any of my fears about having the procedure abroad. If anything I feel I couldn't have had a better team to do this surgery for me as the focus was more on my care than the financial aspect something which had felt very different when I had visited Harley Street. 

So returning home to London wasn't an issue and flying back so soon after the operation didn't cause any problems. I did experience a little more swelling during the flight but this disappeared within the next day. After two weeks the level of pain started to ease and I was back to work and no one noticed which was a nice surprise. The aftercare instructions were very useful and I was just looking forward to the results. 

As described earlier the shock loss was something that I hoped I wouldn't experience but I started to notice the new hair falling out and it did make me feel worried that I wouldn't get the results I had hoped for. You reassured me at this point and along with talking to my friends they advised some had experienced temporary loss of all the new hairs plus even some of the old hair that had been there through to another friend that experience no loss. I felt more relaxed after speaking to everyone and hoped it would soon come back. 

The hair fall for me occurred around the 3rd month which was a surprise as I thought I had been lucky to miss this stage. Thankfully though not all the hair fell out and quickly after my hair grew back and has continued to get thicker till today. 

My friends and I have been amazed by the results. It has given me a new confidence and made me feel great about myself again. I no longer hate to have photos taken and look back at the experience as a complete success.

Best wishes to you and your team,

David McGrail