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Dear Dr. Pong

Sorry it has taken me a while to write back to you. I am happy to share my story as part of your website to encourage others who may be considering hair transplant.

Initially I looked into getting a transplant some years ago at home in Australia, but after the consultation the price quoted was too high for me to afford so I did not proceed. 

Over the past few years I have watched my hair slowly receding more and more. I had taken to wearing a hat most of the time to hide this. It bothered me when I saw myself in a mirror and realized how bald I had become

I discussed it with my wife and we researched hair transplantation overseas via the internet. Thailand seemed to be a good option and we had spoken to other people who had had surgeries there - all spoke well of the treatment they had received.


It is a bit of a gamble to choose a treatment centre based on internet research but we were impressed with the THTC's website and professionalism.After due consideration we book the treatment with Dr.Pong in Chiang Mai.The cost, even with flights and accommodation was a fraction of what it would have cost here. The quote in Australia was also for only 1500 grafts whereas at the THC I received 2500 grafts so a far better final result.As an added bonus we got to have a holiday in beautiful Thailand.


We spent 2 weeks in Thailand, the first week was holiday and sight-seeing. We liked Chang Mai very much.The second week was the transplant and relaxation/recovery in a very nice hotel, although we did enjoy some more outings that week too, not to mention the fantastic Thai cuisine!

I was a little nervous at first but Dr. Pong and his staff was very professional and caring, they put me at ease and took very good care of me.The procedure took most of the day.My wife watched,she is a nurse and she could not fault the cleanliness or the treatment in any way.

The first few days were a bit sore over the donor site but not too bad. At first the new hair fell out as we had been warned would happen, so it took some time for the final results to be apparent but now after 10 months I am very pleased with my new hair.It looks very natural and my family and friends are amazed at the difference.I love having hair to comb again and wear my hat far less often!

I have no hesitation in recommending the THTC to anyone considering hair transplantation

Best wishes 

Mark Cudlipp