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Like any other medical surgeries, the cost of hair transplant surgery varies widely throughout the world. No mater it is in The U.S.; Canada; The U.K.; Turkey;  cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai in India; or Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and any other cities in Thailand. 

What is the cost of hair transplant surgery in Thailand ?

Usually, the cost of hair transplant surgery in Thailand is around one-third to one-half of what it costs to get it done in The U.S., Canada, Australia, or some other European countries. 

Considering having your hair transplant surgery done in Thailand could be more advantageous to you. Not only will it save you money for the procedure, but you also have an opportunity to explore one of the world’s popular tourist destinations.

The price in Thailand is different from place to place just like everywhere else. Deciding where to have your surgery done should not be primarily based on price, the quality, the outcome, the medical hygiene standard, the technique, and other factors should be taken into consideration. 

Having your surgery done by an inexperienced surgeon who offers the best lowest price could exacerbate your hair loss issue if your hair does not grow out or does not look natural as expected. You may run into a new problem of finding a new surgeon to correct it which is harder to do than looking for the right surgeon to do it in the first place. 

Moreover, if you have it done with the technique inappropriate to your hair loss condition, you may end up with no way to fix it due to your exhausted donor hairs. 

Making this wrong decision could cause you headache and money in the long run. It is highly recommended to better choose a surgeon or a clinic that is able to perform the task with quality, is reliable, is caring, and charges a reasonable price than to choose one based on the lowest price only.

Our price listed below is all-inclusive—no unexpected additional costs after the procedure; no other potential recovery costs such as for pain reliever, anti-inflammatory drug, and antibiotics; daily hair wash; and post-op care.

Pricing for FUT procedure

The cost is based on the number of grafts per each hair transplant procedure. The price per graft for FUT procedure is gradually reduced as the number of grafts per procedure increases. 

The costs for smaller sessions start from US$ 2.25 per graft and are lowered to US$ 1.89-2.20 range for larger sessions.

Pricing for FUT procedure

Sample pricing of FUT

Maximum amount of grafts can be done in a session is 3,500. Anything larger has to be divided into 2 separate sessions. 

For example : 

if a 4,000 grafts is needed, we can do 2,500 grafts in 1st session and 1,500 grafts in 2nd session. Each session is 8-12 months apart.

if a 5,000 grafts is needed, we can do 2,500 grafts in 1st session and 2,500 grafts in 2nd session. Each session is 8-12 months apart.

Pricing for FUE procedure

FUE  procedure is more labor-intensive than FUT procedure, as a result, price per graft for FUE procedure is relatively higher than FUT procedure. 

We charge a flat rate of US$3.00/graft for FUE regardless of the number of grafts needed.

Pricing for FUE procedure

Sample pricing of FUE

What is included in the price ?

THTC's inclusive package price includes: