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before and immediate post-op hair transplant

My experience with THTC clinic

I live in Sydney, Australia. I heard of hair transplant surgery and made inquiries in Australia. I found the costs prohibitive. I was planning a holiday with my family in Africa and had read about the cheap surgery procedures in Thailand so did some research on Thailand. I ended up with THTC clinic whose charges seemed comparatively very reasonable. But you know what they say – you get what you pay for and I also read on the many botched up operations in Thailand so was quite hesitant indeed. I decided to further research as much as possible especially on the qualifications and experience of Dr Suradej Pong.  I discovered he was trained in the USA and well qualified. I did not find many reviews but those I did were quite positive. Hence I started communicating through emails with THTC. I was pleasantly surprised at not only the quick responses but also the fact all my questions was answered fully and professionally. He also provided tit bits to information I needed but did not ask for such as best and closest hotel accommodation, cheapest airline to use to get to Chiang Mai etc. He even booked the hotel accommodation for me. The THTC website also provides a heap of useful must read information.

after hair transplant
close up hairline after surgery
after hair transplantation

Day of operation – I must admit I approached with trepidation uncertain if I had made the right decision but my fears were soon put at rest by the preoperative briefing and the friendly and responsive treatment I received. I was provided pain killers and other medication to control post operative symptoms but being the macho man I think I am I decided I would only take the medication if and when  I felt the need to do so.  Bad mistake! I started feeling severe pains during the night. I was provided a head band and advised to keep it on at all times to contain the swelling within the head region. I ignored it because of the pain and removed the head band during the night presuming that was the cause of the pain. Mistake number 2 – by the morning my face had swelled up completely. Fortunately it was only swelling not accompanied by any pain and it normalized after two days. The surgery met all my expectations as can be seen from my before and after pictures. 

A year later I am back happily for my second treatment as my donor area did not have enough hair to cover the full bald region the first time. It is now day two and I have suffered none of the symptoms of my first visit and once again the reception and advice I received at THTC clinic have been exceptional. The staff have been very efficient, friendly and professional too. I would give them 5 stars and would strongly recommend them to anyone considering hair transplant. Well done the THTC team.

Jacob Fonseca