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Hair Growth After Hair Restoration Surgery

We are using this patient as an example to demonstrate the progress of his hair transplantation received at THTC from the day of the surgery to the 12 months post-op. It is important to realize that every patients transplanted hair grows at a different rate. Some might be quicker than others. Every patient is unique and the final result should not be evaluated until 12 months in. Results may vary from patient to patient.


man with receding hairline before hair transplant


DAY 1 This patient had a male pattern baldness. He had an M-shaped receding hairline. He received 3,530 grafts by FUT method which took 7 hrs. of surgery time. Since he resided in Chiang Mai, he was able to come to our clinic daily for a routine, complementary hair wash, and for a monthly post-op follow-up as advised by Dr. Suradej Pong.

Week 2 after hair transplant


WEEK 2 The transplanted hairs had grown out over 1 cm longer as the hair follicles were healthy to keep the hairs growing. 

At this stage, itchiness and few acnes might occur which was normal. However, in the event that excessive acnes of 10 or more by which could damage the hair follicles, your doctor might prescribe antibiotic to help clear them up.

Month 1 after hair transplant


MONTH 1 The transplanted hairs began to shed, leaving the follicles intact and would stay dormant for the next 3-4 months before the new hair stubbles would gradually emerge from the follicles going forward. That said, the transplanted area at this point showed less density than week 2 post-op.

When the surgeon harvested the follicles from the donor area, the strip of hairs was removed from the scalp. The hair follicles were cut off from the energy supplies and nutrients for a period of time during the process before they were transplanted onto the recipient areas to receive the supplies and nutrients again. They had experienced a traumatic shock loss and unable to keep the hairs growing for a long period of time. Consequently the hairs would gradually fall out and the follicles would be entering the dormant stage to recoup for 3-4 months. 

The shock loss is comparable to planting a new tree or moving it from one place to another. The tree will experience some degrees of shock; its leaves may turn yellow or brown and finally fall out after being planted. But once the tree root is established, which takes some time, it will eventually leaf out again.

Month 2 after hair transplant


MONTH 2 His transplanted hairs were still shedding, looking thinner than the prior month. The 1-hair grafts on the frontal hairline looked longer than the rest and still in place. Unlike the 2, 3, or 4-hair grafts, the 1-hair grafts could survive on less supplies and nutrients; therefore, they would not shed nor go into dormant.

Month 3 after hair transplant


MONTH 3 There were new, short and thin, hairs grow out randomly. It might take up to a year or longer before we could see every transplanted hairs grow out. They would look longer, denser in the subsequent months.

Month 4 after hair transplant


MONTH 4 More of the transplanted hairs were growing longer, looking fuller than the previous month. His hairline also looked thicker and denser.

Month 5 after surgery


MONTH 5 Each transplanted hair looked thicker, longer. Patient was able to style his hair.

Month 6 after surgery


MONTH 6 Though not all of the transplanted hairs had grown out simultaneously, they still looked better than the previous months.

Month 7 post-op


MONTH 7 His transplanted hairs still showed signs of progression and looked more natural as time went by.

Month 9 post-op


MONTH 9 Patient skipped the visit in Month 8 so there is no photo to display.

His transplanted hairs looked much thicker and fuller. Some of which might look a little curly; eventually they would adjust as time went by.

Month 10 after hair transplant


MONTH 10 Patient’s hairs looked thicker, were manageable. 

Month 11 after hair transplant


MONTH 11 His hairs still looked great.

a year after hair transplant


MONTH 12 Seemed like all the transplanted hairs had grown out. They looked healthy and would permanently stay in place. 

Though some of them might be going through natural shedding later in life, they would be regrowing naturally since they were his permanent hairs.


man with balding crown


DAY 1 The day of the transplant.

Week 2 after hair transplant on crown


WEEK 2 These tiny  spikes of hair were the transplanted hairs that would soon fall out gradually between 2 weeks to 2 months after the surgery.

Month 2 after hair transplant on crown


MONTH 2 Most of the transplanted hairs had fallen out as the hair follicles remained invisible, dormant beneath the scalp that looked similar to how it looked before the surgery.

Month 3 after surgery


MONTH 3 Some new, short and fine hairs gradually grew out.

Month 4 after hair transplant


MONTH 4 More new hairs emerged.

Month 5 post-op


MONTH 5 The new hairs grew out longer and blended well with the existing hair.

Month 6 after hair transplant


MONTH 6 The transplanted area looked denser than the prior month.

Month 7 after surgery


MONTH 7 The new hairs looked more natural.

Month 8 after surgery


MONTH 8 Just about everywhere on the bald area was covered with the new, growing hairs.

Month 9 post-op


MONTH 9 His hair looked more natural, thicker, and more manageable as time went by.

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