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Dear Dr. Pong,

First allow me to wish you a very happy new year 2010.

Second I am sending you some photos which I took today since today is exactly 4 months since the transplant.

The hair has grown well, still thin though but according to your site it will get thicker in time.

The front look fine and I am happy, I have cut my hair short and I am enjoying my new short hair style.

The back needs more volume, so I am thinking of coming again this Summer for another transplant of maybe 2000-2500 graft, of course you will decide how much needed, I would like some density on top of my head I will trust your decision.

I would also like to let you know that I have been using Propecia/Finastride for three months now, I have bough a one year supply of 1mg and I have never missed a dose, I usually take it in the morning just after I brush my teeth with full glass of water, I must say that I had no side effect regarding sex stamina, and for that I am very happy, and also I have noticed that no more hair lose it almost stopped completely, I guess I was one of the lucky ones.

Take care doctor, I am going to recommend you to many of my friends and colleagues in Japan.

Thank you and if you want to use my photos it is ok with me.

God bless you,


From Greek


Dear Dr Pong

I thought I would Let you know everything has been going well since my hair procedure 2 weeks ago. I still can't believe how much extra hair I have. I would like to Thank you and your team for such a great Job you did firstly on reassuring me kindly as I was nervous before the procedure and taking the time to explain the complete process and answering any questions, then making me feel comfortable all through the procedure as well as looking after my parents and myself by providing meals and a comfortable waiting room.

I really enjoyed my visit to beautiful Chiang Mai and looked forward to visiting again. Say Hi and thanks once again to your team for me.



From Australia


Dr Suradej Pong MD,

It is now approximately 22 hrs after the operation (painless) l had a little residual swelling today but l checked to see the scar from the 'harvested' area although l have short hair. l just could not see it ! The hairline already looks so great and natural l appreciate l might have a little temporary hair loss over the next couple of weeks but it already looks great.

Working in the medical field (Diagnostic Radiographer)and being involved in the post operative care of many patients l am astounded by your skill and may l say your humility and the way you treated me;however l a bit 'peeved' you will not allow me to drink alcohol for 72 hrs, very cruel ha ha.

Kind Regards,


From Australia

Ps please thanks you staff on my behalf for their kindness.


Hi Gents,

Just an update on the 6 month mark of my hair transplant, which would have been the 24th January. I am very pleased with the results so far.

Dr Pong, i will contact you again soon to confirm my next procedure.


From Australia


Dear Doctor pong,

I am just emailing you to let you know how my hair transplant,the one you and your friendly staff performed on the 13th january 2009 is.

I would like to thank you as i am pleased with the results after 6 months.I am also wondering would you be available around mid november?,as i am thinking about adding a bit more density to my hairline.i am going to wait 1 more month to see if if more density is achieved.Would you have an estimation on how many grafts i may need.I will try and send you some photos soon to help you with your estimation.thank you again for excellent and honest service you provided 6 months ago.

Kind regards,


From Ireland


Hi Dr Pong,

Thanks again for the wonderful job you did for me. The transplant was a complete success.

It was such a success that that I recommended a friend of mines friend that lives in NY named D.N. I did not know it but he got his transplant from you about 5 months ago. I have recommended you to many people and have shown my before and after photos to many as well and everyone is very complimentary about how natural and full it is!

Have you put my photos on your web site yet? If so, please inform me of the # so I can see them and show others!

Thanks again!

J.B. of Atlanta Georgia USA

From USA


Hello Dr. Pong,

I thought to take this opportunity to thank you and your kind and professional team. The operation went really smoothly and I truly enjoyed my 5 day stay in Chiang Mai. Also my hotel was great for this purpose. Oriental Siam Resort, 6 villa, almost private 5 star hotel where I could privately relax after operation and enjoy the beautiful city.

It is now 5 weeks post operations and everything is fine. My scar is totally invisible, stitches gone and now I am looking forward seeing the true result in 5 months time.

I will be in contact with you with some pictures around christmas time.

Kind regards,


From Finland


Morning Dr Pong,

Just a quick email to thank you for the fantastic job you have done on my hair. Everybody who sees me know says that I look so much younger. It is 2 weeks today since I have had the procedure done. Please have a look at the photo to see how it is progressing.


From Australia


Dear Dr Pong,

Thank you for writing to follow up. My hair is growing back nicely and is filling out well. I was not expecting miracles because of the limited number of grafts available for harvesting and the large area they needed to cover, however after 9 months from the date of the surgery there is a significant improvement. I haven't taken photos because it's still growing out, but after one year when I think it is completely grown out as much as it's going to, I will take pictures and send them to you.

If you want to know if I am pleased with the result, the answer is, " Of Course!". I am glad I had the procedure done and would highly recommend you if asked, that's the truth. Once again thank you for contacting me, please write again in 3 months and I will send you photo's.



From USA

PS you have my permission to show this reply to potential transplant candidates.


Hi Dr Pong,

Its good to hear from you! Yes, my hair is growing well. My hair dresser only commented last month that my hair has definitely thickened! You can imagine how happy i was hearing it. However i think i might want to do another transplant either later this yr or early next yr to thicken the center portion of my head. I remember you saying that my donor hair is not very thick, so do you think its still possible for me to have a second procedure?

Anyway how do u want the pictures taken? should i take it when its dry or wet? and should i comb it all down? or just mess it up?



From Singapore


Hello Dr. Pong,

I am doing well. Since I am in a Camp (building construction) and far from town, I do not have access to take and send pictures right away. I'll be back to Whitehorse, my city, between the next two or three weeks, yes, I'll send you a few pictures, my hair is growing well I believe, people notice which is good sign. No serious problem with the surgery, only, some itch from time to time, my scarf get hot when I sit long pressing my head against the couch been watching TV, same to lay down in bed against pillow, so, sometime I wet a towel with cold water to my scarf to normalized. Next January as well I will stop to your Clinic for better review. Thank you for your concern.

Contact you soon again.


From Canada


Dear Dr. Pong.

So nice to hear from you. How have you and your staffs been? I wish everyone doing well. My hair condition is very good. I thought I'll wait for feel more months so it's been a year then I'll send you my pictures. But I guess I'll send them early than that. When I send you my new pictures I'll tell you more about my hair condition.


From USA


Dear Dr. Pong,

Nice to hear from you. I am fine but rather busy for the past few weeks. I hope you are well and fine too.

Yes, my hair has been growing very well until June 2009. However, in July and August 2009, I experience some hair loss even though I still taking propecia and minixodil everyday. There is no problem with the surgery but the scar is not completely heal yet especially at the both sides of my head.

So far, I am very happy and satisfied with the hair transplant. The front part of my hair is growing very well. Thank you very much, Dr. Pong. I really appreciate your good work and expertise.

Attached are my photos and videos taken from my handphone. I apologise if the the photos are not very clear.

With kind regards,


From Malaysia


Dear Dr Suradej,

I hope that you and your wonderful team are well.

I had 3,700 follicles transplanted on 17th March. And must say that your clinic was a pleasure to be at. I am very pleased that I chose to use THT and have recommended you to others already. I have attached a photograph of me that was taken a week ago and as you can see my hair has done extremely well…it all seems to have happened over the last two months or so and I remember you telling me that the results should be looking good by September. I am delighted with the results so far and I am enthusiastic to finish the job and have my crown done.

I have planned a trip to Thailand at the end of November and the beginning of December and was wondering if the timing would be good to have my crown done during that trip. Is nine months from the first operation reasonable?

Thank you.

Best regards


From England


Hi Dr Pong,

Good day, i am Alex from Malaysia and hope you still remember me as i went to have hair transplant on early May this year. 4++ months is already passed over and i would like to convey my sincere appreciation towards the great job you had done. The transplanted hair is grew in quite a great density and is about average 2-3cm for each hair now. Of course i have tried to cut my hair shortly with satisfaction, so you can imagine the result of the hair transplant, although now the hair is not really dense enough, but i believed it will have the increment in density.

Anyhow, thanks for your good job and will plan to visit you next year if possible. Once again, Thank You.



From Malaysia


Hey, Doc,

Things are looking good. Wish I could get a photo to you, but I am a bit of a cyber dummy. But I will try. I DID stop using topical hair growth procedures. The foreline looks terrific. You were correct to not go any lower with that.


From USA


Hey Dr. Pong,

Wanted to give you update on my hair. I've attached three pictures.

I believe using the generic minoxidil started to make hair thin in the back so I switched back to the Rogaine. I got an expensive haircut from guy who knows how to blend things. Very happy with results.

You can use these on your page if you want but if you do please cover my face. Let me know if you would like to see any other angles.

It's been nearly one year now and I am VERY happy with the results. Still deciding if I should do a second procedure for the thinner areas. Regardless, I will come see you next year when I am back in Thailand and we can discuss.


From USA


Hi Dr. Pong,

Its been 1 month and 6 days I had my hair transplant.

I didn't want to interrupt your conference back then, hence I waited for 1 month to reply you.

First and foremost thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. You and your staff has done a great job. You are not only friendly, caring but also understanding. I still remember how well you took care of me during the surgery. The rest pillows for my legs were failing down for every 30mins or so but you patiently carried my leg and placed the pillows for my legs to rest. I salute you for that Dr. Pong ! I am not sure whether any one else will do that.

Your staff were friendly and understanding at the same time. I am sure anyone who wants to get their hairs done at your place will not regret at all. Please provide my contact details to anyone who wants to speak about hair transplant. I will be more than happy to help them and gain their confidence in THT.

My situation right now is that, my hairs are failing down, i see less hair but my skin looks darker or black. I am going with daily 1 table of propecia and washing my hairs with baby shampoo only with cold water.

My donor are is becoming normal, i feel a bulge on the stitches and some part of my head is still with the stitches. Sometimes i feel very funny kind of pain around the stitches but other than that i am ok.

I will send you my pictures when i mail you from my home. I am at the office now, i decided to send you an email from office or else i would delay this also.

Thank you very much I am waiting anxiously for my hairs to grow. kl



From Malasia


Dear Dr. Pong

how are you? I'd like to write to you about my results about my procedure, I'm so happy I did it would like to thank you for everything and you wonderful staff. I would like to ask you about a favor I having problems to get the prescription over here and the U.S.A specially with the outrageous prices for finasteride. here in america I found a pharmacy in canada pharmacy that sales finasteride way cheaper but they asked for a doctor prescription it could be possible for you to write one for me and scanned and send it through this email I would really appreciate thank you very much.



From USA


Hello Dr. Pong,

I'm doing well thank you. And you? yes it's been a while and i'm very happy with the results, i'm going to take some pictures and email you shortly. I have pretty long hair now and loving it, but i think i could do another round to go a little bit deeper, it's not yet perfect :) i'm not planning an immediate trip to thailand yet, but by the end of 2011 I'd commit to.

Thank you


From USA


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