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Dr. Pong,Hello!! 

Sorry that I have not written until now.  I have been very busy.  Thank you and your fine staff so much for all of your great work.  The surgical sites are healing very well and I anxiously await "new growth".  I have been very disciplined in following your every direction.  If there are any problems, I will email you.  I do not anticipate any problems. Again, Thank-you very much for your patience and professionalism.


From USA


Hello DR.suradej

i would first like to thank you and all ur stuff for making me feel very comfortable through the operation and i would also like you to know that the all the hairs are growing well. My digital camera is broken but i will be buying one soon. so i will send you the pictures when i get it.Thankyou and i will save your web page so if i ever needyou in the future and also let me know if you everstart any new procedures were you clone the hair ect. 


From Australia


dear sir,

i m pleased to write 2 u that i have reached home yesterday in kuala lumpur ,so far so good :)i wish 2 thank u again n u your staff for being so kind 2 me :)i felt while i was there as if i was among friends and you all made feel very open and comfortable :) God bless u all .if there is any thing i can do to help any of you if u ever came 2 kualalumpur ,please let me know and i will be more than happy 2 help.till we meet again, 

Warm regards,


From Malaysia


1st email

Hi Dr. Pong

I am very happy with the hair transplant, I have had no problems.

As of the last month, my hair has looked very nice. I will take some photos

and send them to you within the week. Thanks for everything,

2nd email

Hi there. I am very happy with my hair treatment. I no longer wear hats. Attached is a photo. Thank you very much.

Best wishes,


From USA


1st email

Dear Dr.Pong.

I am back in Pattaya and feeling good. And I am impressed and very pleased with the treatment i got in your clinic in Chiang Mai. I have no swelling and there have been no need for painkilling tablets since thursday, the day after the operation. Furthermore I would have no hesitation comming back for another treatment in your clinic. Say hello to Nai and the rest of your staff from me!



2nd email

Hi again!

I forgot to tell you that I am felling very good, no swelling, no pains and no problems at all. Your work must have been close to perfect! So the reason that i want to see you is just to say hello.


3 rd email

Dear Dr. Pong!

I am fine and very pleased with my hair transplant. I will come to Thailand in December and I will contact you later for a new session on my head.



From Norway


Hello Dr. Pong!

Thank you for the email!

Im doing fine. The new hair has been growing well, but not as dense as I hoped -but I am satisfied. There are still a few ingrown hairs which have blistered but that is common and expected. I have been using the Proscar for 8 months now but the back hair is still pretty thin and scarce. Should I be expecting better results by now from taking Proscar. I do plan on continuing to take it for awhile. And I do still owe your office around $15 which I'll including with my next order.Pictures are attached.Btw,

Thanks again


From Japan


hello Dr Suradej

Pong How are you

I'm very glad and surprised to get an E-mail from you. About my hair, every thing is fine and  OKE. Next month we are in Chiang -Mai again for seven weeks and I will visit you ,I think, between 26 and 30 September. So you can see by yourself and make some photo's if you will.



From Netherland


Dear Dr. Suradej

How are you? I had a hair transplant by yourself in Chiang Mai in March of this year and I am very pleased with the results. My hair had already grown to about 2 inches in the past 4 months. I have a lot of confidence in your abilities and professionalism.


From Hong Kong


Dear Dr. Suradej,

Hello, my friend! Wow, it has been a really long time since I last emailed you, as I've just been watching my hair finally grow. Over the last four months (March to May), the transplanted follicles really became stonger (with an added dose of 5mg of Minxidil taken orally) allowing my frontal lobe to be almost completely covered. My colleagues, relatives, and even wife says that I look like a young man. There is no greater experience than being referred to as a "young man" by new introducees, who miss my age by almost 5 years because of the growing hair (and of course, a strict dieting and exercise regimen). Thank you and your staff for helping me achieve one of my life-long goals of reversing the hair loss to regain my youth! Hope to see you all soon. Best regards,


From USA


Dear Dr. Pong,

Hope you are well, I am okay.  The transplanted hair has started growing and the dry skin has peeled off. I am looking young and as such feeling young at heart. Thanks and with best regards,


From India


Dr.Suradej Pongratanakul,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the great results on my hair transplant. Your service was both profesional and personal.  I had a previous treatment in america-compared to you they were overpriced, ineffective,and deceptive. You have gained my trust and I would recomend you to friends,family,and the person reading this. Thank you.


From USA


dear Dr Suradej,

I thank you for your mail, I agree with you that my hairs are better now, and I think I,ll do one more transplant as soon as I can come back to Thailand.something else, I have sent your adress to 2 persons who are interested by a transplant,yet, if these persons come to see you, I do not want my pictures to be shown to them or to anyone who could recognise me, I insist that it should be kept secret, and I am sure you understand this. I thank you for your comprehension, best regards


From France