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I had been thinking about getting a hair transplant for a few years. I had a receding hairline the appearance of which simply bothered me. So one day about mid May'12 I decided I was going to get a hair transplant. I checked out various websites and found Dr.Pong's website the easiest to navigate with all the info I needed in addition to the best prices. I read a few testimonials by other patients of Dr. Pong, all of which had good things to say about him, his staff and clinic. I was still feeling a little apprehensive about whether to have Dr. Pong do my hair transplant or not. I had a phone conversation with Dr. Pong in which his sincerity, honesty and good heartedness were clearly evident to me. It was during this phone conversation that I decided Dr.Pong was the right person to trust. I proceeded to make all the arrangements with Dr.Pong, Thai Air and the Lotus Hotel, in that order of importance. By the way, Dr. Pong speaks very good English.


The Lotus Hotel is a 5 minute walk to Dr.Pong's clinic. I booked my room online, it cost $30.00/day with breakfast. The breakfast is extra, do yourself a favor and include it with your room. My wife and I stayed in Chiang Mai for 2 weeks. We had a very good time while I got my hair transplant and she had some dental work done, at the Grace Dental Clinic. I must admit the hair transplant was a little more physically than I expected it to be. I had 3,383 hairs transplanted. The numbness from the anesthetic took 6 months to go away completely, decreasing gradually over that period of time. Nonetheless, I am thoroughly content and satisfied with my hair transplant.


During the 2 weeks I was Chiang Mai I went to Dr.Pong's clinic each morning to have my hair shampooed. Each morning after my shampoo Dr.Pong would examine my head in his humble, gentle and reassuring manner to let me know that all was and would be fine. My experience with Dr.Pong was very positive and I totally without any reservations recommend Dr.Pong to you. Dr.Pong's staff were friendly and well trained; his clinic is clean, well equipped and surgically worthy. Dr. Pong is an excellent surgeon and you can read about Dr.Pong's credentials online. I write this testimonial advocating Dr. Pong because of my positive experience with him and the gentle kindness which he gave to me during my time in Chiang Mai. Oh yeah! I love my new hair, Thank you Dr. Pong.