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I started losing my hair in my very early twenties. At the time I was not at all surprised, as I was simply following in my father's footsteps. From my earliest memories of my father, he only had a fringe of hair around his head and was nearly completely bald on top. He used to joke that he saved a fortune on haircuts, as he would always tell the barber that he only wanted to pay half price, as he only had half a head of hair. If the barber did not go along with this, my dad would just get up and leave. He always managed to find a barber who would give him a half-price haircut.


However, my father's attitude to baldness seemed to rub off on me. He was always matter of fact about it, never tried to hide his baldness in any way, and seemed to carry the attitude, "I'm bald, so what?"

My mother never seemed to mind, and they stayed happily married until the time of her death from cancer at the age of 70, at which time they had been happily married 47 years. My dad is still alive at the advanced age of 87, and still unselfconsciously bald.

3When I started losing my hair, it was not a major shock or trauma. I, was newly married by then, and had warned my wife that baldness is hereditary, and she was likely to be married to a bald dude down the road. She said she loved me, and it would not matter to her at all.

Over the years, I would watch the progress of various hair replacement techniques, but none seemed worth any further investigation, as they all seemed overly expensive for the results they produced. I often thought it would nice to have hair, but there was never an urgency to my feelings, and I never once considered going the "hairpiece" route, as that just seemed like a complete waste of time.

It is not like I have not had a few unpleasant experiences over the years. One day I removed my baseball style cap in our crew room at work ... I am a city bus driver by occupation, and the cap is a part of our uniform ... and a fellow driver, who had never seen me without the cap, burst out laughing. "You're bald!" he shouted, pointing at my head, bending over he was laughing so hard. I had worked at the same depot with this driver for close to five years, but I guess he had never seen me with my cap off and found it hilarious was bald. I had to leave at that point, as my break was over, but his rudeness more then anything else bothered me. He never apologized for his behavior that day, and I just wrote it off to the guy being an idiot. Even then, the whole "being bald" thing didn't bother me, it was more the feeling of being laughed at in such a rude fashion, as if my lack of hair was some great joke.

Norwood 6 hair loss man

However, it was not until I was beginning to plan a trip to Thailand about a year ago, that I first came across Hair Restoration Surgery. The website I was reading was discussing how people will travel to Thailand from all over the world for inexpensive medical procedures, be it dental surgery, laser eye surgery, plastic surgery, or hair restoration surgery. I didn’t even go to the hair restoration link at first, but checked out the eye and dental sections, as I thought them more pertinent to me at the time. Then, just out of curiosity I checked out hair restoration section. The link took me to the Thailand Hair Transplant Center website, and I spent over an hour reading about the procedure, and looking at "before and after" pictures. I was really impressed with what I saw, and thought that here finally was a hair restoration procedure that was worth investigating for someone who wanted a valid means for dealing with their baldness. At the time, I did not even consider that I fell into that category, as I had never been interested in any other hair loss procedure, and I was certainly too old, at 55, to start now.

I was wrong, however. The results of the procedure had piqued my interest, and I found myself going back to the site to check more of the photos, and finding other clinics with similar before and after results. Around that time I also checked out the Hassan and Wong website, as I had heard their ads on Vancouver radio for many years, "Hassan & Wong, the hair people" the theme music would say. Well I was very impressed by their before and after work, but I was absolutely staggered when I calculated the cost of having the procedure done in my home town by the local experts.

As I was planning a trip to Thailand, I thought that while there I might get an onsite consultation to just satisfy my curiosity.

Rather then wait, I emailed Dr. Pong at the Thailand Hair Restoration Clinic in Chiang Mai, sending along some current pictures of my head, and asked for an estimate of what it would cost. The speedy response I got back from Dr. Pong was very encouraging, as his evaluation was identical to that of Hassan and Wong, but the cost was almost a third of the cost of having it done in my home town of Vancouver. I then spent some time researching Dr. Pong online, and found several others who had posted to message boards, all stating that they had received professional service at the THTC, and also experienced fantastic results. After a few months of research, I had been unable to unearth even one negative comment about Dr. Pong or the THTC. So after much thought and deliberation, I booked my first surgery for August 1, 2011.

close up hairline after hair transplant
6 months after hair transplant

So far the results have been fantastic, infact they have completely exceeded my expectations. The before and after pictures more then verify the great results I have gotten in such a short time. It is still just five and a half months after the surgery, but I find I am still astonished with the new look. I am brushing my hair now, where only a few short months ago I was completely bald. The donor scar is virtually impossible to see, and people are constantly telling me how great my hair looks. I can not wait to get back to Chiang Mai in December of this year to have my second procedure done!

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