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As a young man I was blessed with naturally thick, dark brown locks and never imagined it would be any other way, especially as I kept my hair while friends were starting to lose theirs.

I first noticed thinning in the front, over the next few months I lost my hair at an alarming rate. I gave lots of thought to shaving my head. 

I started surfing the net, reading as many blogs as I could. After 6 months researching extensively, I decided to go ahead and get FUT surgery done, but still had to decide on which surgeon to approach. I narrowed it down to Australian, Canadian and Thai surgeons. I made an appointment with an Australian Hair transplant center, had procedure explained and given price. Up to this point I had not used price as a guide but focused on positive comments and good results. Out of the three options I was impressed with the results from a Canadian surgeon based in Vancouver and two doctors in Thailand. I looked at the cost, with Thailand the best value for my money. Now to decide which Thai surgeon to choose, both highly respected, both highly recommended.

before hair transplant


The speedy response to my emails and the personally handling of my inquiries are the reason I finally selected Dr Pong of the Thailand Hair Transplant Center. Arranging flights to Thailand, then internal flights to and from Chang Mai were quite simple. With Dr Pong’s help I selected a hotel so close by I was able to walk 5 minutes to his surgery for my consultation. Dr Pong explained the procedure and what would happen on the next day during the surgery.  With a short cut I discovered, I was able to walk there on the morning of my procedure in 3 minutes.

I arrived a little after 8 am, was greeted by Junjira Malakul and her nursing staff. At this point I was nervous but Nurse Malakul’s professional and friendly manner helped me relax and prepare for the transplant. The first part of the procedure was the removing of a strip on the back of my head, basically cutting from behind my left ear to behind my right ear. There is no pain and it sounds similar to cutting cardboard with scissors. 

two weeks after procedure

Two weeks after

Once the graft was cut I was given an early lunch in another room whilst the nurses worked with pieces of my scalp separating the follicles into clusters of one, two and three hairs.

The second part of the procedure involved the transplanting of the hairs into their new location on my head. Once again there was no pain and I found myself dozing off at times.  The surgery was finished around 2.30 pm, I had to wear headbands to help reduce swelling. I found wearing my baseball cap helped hide the bands. I walked back to my hotel with a bag of pain killers and sleeping tablets. I went to bed early, sleeping through to the next morning with little discomfort. For the next three mornings I returned to Dr Pong’s surgery to have my hair washed by a nurse and inspected by Dr Pong. On the afternoon of the third day I was able to return home. I wore the bands until I had the stitches removed in Australia where the doctor commented on the excellent work Dr Pong had done.

Month 1 & 2

Month 1 after surgery

One month after

Month 2 after hair transplantation

Two months after

The first two months were scary as I didn’t know if the hair was growing and even though Dr Pong had explained that some of the transplanted hair would fall out I was still concerned. Itchy scalp was a little distracting but not too bad.

Month 3 & 4

Month 3 post-op

Three months after

Month 4 after hair restoration surgery

Four months after

By the third month I could see soft baby like hair starting to grow and with the taking of Firide  (recommended by Dr Pong) I could also see an improvement in my original hair with it looking thicker, healthier and darker in color. 

Month 5 & 6

Month 5 post-op

Five months after

Month 6 after hair replacement surgery

Six months after

Towards the end of the fifth month the growth was noticeable and in the sixth month I was ecstatic with the results. Because Dr Pong had recommended I let my hair grow before the procedure and keeping it longer for the first six months no one seemed to notice my new hair. Only my immediate family and my hairdresser knew of the transplant. At each monthly haircut my hairdresser would comment on how fantastic my hair was looking and stated I hadn’t had that much hair for over ten years.

Month 7 & 8

Month 7 after procedure

Seven months after

Month 8 after hair transplantation

Eight months after

8 months after procedure

Eight months after

It is hard to explain in words what the surgery has done for my confidence and how happy it’s made me feel. I cannot thank Dr Pong and his staff enough and I highly recommend the Thailand Hair Transplant Center to anyone who is contemplating a transplant.