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Welcome to Thailand Hair Transplant Center (THTC) 

Located in Chiang Mai, THTC is the leading, most advanced clinic offering an array of surgical and nonsurgical hair restoration treatment options for people with hair loss. 

Our options include:

For over 2 decades THTC have been delivering the best results and first-class medical attentions to each and every patient of ours.

Our Surgeon

hair transplant surgeon at THTC

Suradej Pong M.D., ABHRS.

A hair transplant with a vacation

hair transplant at Chiang Mai with vacation

Medical procedure accompanied by Chiang Mai vacation, all in one trip

Despite the very low cost of hair transplant in other parts of the world such as India or Turkey, most people still prefer to come see us in Thailand for the higher quality, top-notch medical care and services. 

Besides Chiang Mai, one of the world’s vacation destinations, there are numerous places in the country you will not want to miss. Whether it be Bangkok—the beautiful capital—the breathtaking beaches in Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Krabi, or elsewhere, let alone the tasty authentic regional Siamese foods, there are plenty of fun things to do here. 

People who have become our patients after reviewing the results of the hair transplants performed by Dr Suradej and his professional team realize that it was one of the best decisions they had ever made.

Hair transplant 

Before & after

Caucasian Men

Caucasian men hair transplant before and after

Asian Men

Asian men results

Black Men

Before & after gallery

Women & LGBT

hair transplant before and after female and LGBT

Before & after gallery


patients' reviews

The goal of meeting our patients' expections is number one while our medical services are second to none


It is my pleasure to write a review for Dr. Suradej Pong and his team at Thailand Hair Transplant. The procedure was done in the Dr's private clinic which is modern and very clean. 

Dr. attended to me with incredible care and detail even before the operation that I felt I was in the hands of both a very professional person that has seen hundreds of thousands of clients but also very trustworthy. 

The procedure was painless and the results incredible so it is my pleasure to highly recommend this clinic for any hair transplant requirements. 

Thank you Dr. and your wonderful team. 

How many hair grafts do I need ?

nature of scalp hair

Scalp hair

What is meant by hair graft ?

Hair normally grows in a group of 1, 2, 3, or as many as 4 hairs. These groups of hairs are called "hair grafts" 

Numbers of grafts for 

different types of baldness

Mild MPB

mild male pattern baldness

1500 - 2500 Grafts

Moderate MPB

moderate male pattern baldness

2500 - 4000 Grafts

Severe MPB

severe male pattern baldness

3000 - 6000 Grafts


top of head and crown baldness

1500 - 2500 Grafts

Above are estimated numbers of hair grafts recommended for different types of baldness. The sufficient number of grafts needed for each individual is typically determined by the extent of hair loss, hair characteristic, new hairline created, pre-existing hair in the area, head size, and etc.

How much does 

a hair transplant cost ?

Cost per graft 

US$ 2.25 FUT | US$ 3 FUE

To calculate the estimated cost, take the estimated number of grafts multiplied by the unit price of FUT/FUE.

Estimated number of grafts X Unit price of FUT/FUE 

= Your estimated cost. 

To get a no-obligation quote, simply send us a few pictures of your scalp taken in different angles, our surgeon will give you an honest evaluation to determine the optimal treatment for you. 

You will be informed whether you are a good candidate for a hair restoration treatment option or just need medication to solve your hair loss issue, and also a ballpark figure.

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THTC staff

Our dedicated staff is working efficiently to help our patients reach their ultimate goals of restoring their hair 


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Testimonials from patients

What our patients are saying!

Does hair transplant look natural? 

natural hair transplantation

When the procedure was first introduced in the 1950’s, large donor “plugs” were used, resulting in a corn-row appearance that was recognizable as an unnatural looking hair transplant.

Through state-of-the-art technology, utilizing a  follicular unit grafting method, hair transplant nowadays can look extremely natural when performed by a proficient surgeon.

Hair Transplant Result 

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