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Below are the comparison of before-and-after images to give you some rough ideas of the outcome from which you can expect and the approximate numbers of graft needed to achieve such results so that you can calculate the ballpark figure of the procedure prior to making your decision.

NOTE : People with curly and large hair shaft benefit greatly from increased hair volume; therefore less hair is needed to cover the bald area. On the other hand, individuals who have straight, finely textured hair need not only more hairs, but also possibly additional sessions to achieve similar density. 

Here are some of the beneficial factors that contribute to good results. Patients who possess these qualities are more likely to achieve good results with fewer grafted hairs than those who don’t.

volume than its counter-part, straight hair.

Some patients with large area of baldness are satisfied with the outcome after the first session while others who have smaller bald areas choose to have another session or two depending upon individuals expectation. 

In some cases, hair transplantation alone may not be enough to achieve the total coverage because of the patients limited available donor hairs.