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Hi Dr,

How are you?. Hope you remember me. I did HT during May 2010. I want to visit you on Nov 25 2010. I'm very satisfied now. My hair looks great.

Is it possible to meet you on Nov 25 or Nov 26. please let me know.



From India


Hi Dr. Pong,

It's D.P. here. I had the pleasure of having my hair transplant surgery with you on the 4th of Feb 2012.

Results are of course, perfect. It's funny to mention how the nurse who took out my stitches said: "you don't get quality of work like this in Australia... where did you get yours done again?" Anyway, I knew how busy you were so I didn't want to bother you with thank yours which I'm sure get a million a day. I have recommended 4 of my close friends to contact you. L.P, H.L, A.M. and A.D.B.

Best Wishes for you and your team on a perfect job

Kind Regards,


From Australia



How are you? It's been a long time we communicated, I once again thank you for doing a good job on my hair.

I want to ask you one thing, where my new hair came they are nice and thick but some parts of my hair especially on the top they are very thin in thickness.

If i get my complete head shaved and let the new hair come is it harmful for my transplanted hair.

Can you advice me for the same and for how long do i have to have that medicine propecia and rogaine hair tonic, at present I am having medicine one a day and rogaine 1 ml once a day.....any suggestions?


From India


Hello Dr Pong

How are you and your team going? It's been 7 months now since my hair procedure and I am very happy with the results.

I have been taking some pictures since and have attached some for your interest.

I was hoping to get back to Chiang Mai for completing the back top half - the crown of my head if it is possible to do this in one session.

We were hoping to travel to Chiang Mai to visit in the end of January.

I was wondering if you had any availability around January 27th.

Can you please let me know a estimate of how many grafts would be required to complete the area.

Thank you once again for the great job and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you


From Australia


Hi Dr.Pong,

Sending you my pic from a professional camera, this was taken during July 2010. Thanks.

I am planning to do my second portion of transplant next year. That portion is not visible from the side view.

It was not the hair only that you have restored but also my confidence.....

Thank you.



From Malaysia


Dr Pong,

Just a quick email to say thank you to you and your lovely staff for the care and attention you took with me during my transplant on the 16 May.

It has been over 2 weeks now and have had no issues at all, the weird thing is the hair transplanted is still growing and have not seemed to lose any?

There are no more scabs on the transplanted hair and the donor area is healing nicely.

I will send you an updated photo soon so you can see.

Once again thanks to you and your staff.



From Australia


From Australia


Dear Dr. Pong,

Thank you for your reply and my request for the evaluation. Yes I am very pleased and excited about my new hair, it has been the topic of many conversations with family and friends.

I am as eagerly excited about the next procedure. Is it possible for me to deposit some monies into an account for the next procedure. We are still finalising details of our trip and I will confirm with you when this is done.



From Australia


1st email

Dr Pong

I promise to send you and your wonderful staff photos from my wedding as you have all been a part of it in an indirect way, we get married on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in your wonderful country, both my fiancee and I love Thailand and the Thai people that is why we chose to have our wedding in Thailand, it is so special to us.

Our wedding is 23rd September so some time after then I will send you photos

As for the scar I can't see it so I will ask my fiancee to look when I next see her, I am currently working in China so I will see her in a couple of weeks time.

2nd email

Dr Pong

Progress photos at 8 months, I'm very happy with the results, I will have some nice wedding photos now in September

3rd email

Dear Dr Pong

Last week in Ko Samui I married my fiancee and as promised here are some photos from our wedding. My hair was ready for the photos, thanks to you and your wonderful team.

Best Regards


From Australia


Good morning Dr Pong,

Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner, but I have been very busy, my wife just had a baby girl last Tuesday and we have both been very busy.

My hair is progressing well, the donor area is healed and the scar is thin, I have shaved my head on number 4 and the scar is still hard to see.

Thank you for you great work, I may travel to Chiang Mai again next year for a 3rd procedure, as I would like to get more density on the areas that have been transplanted. If you can have a look at the attached photo and advise me if a 3rd procedure is need or not, it would prefer a 3rd to make the hair more dense.



From Australia


Good morning doctor.

My hair is growing well and dense. After I experienced the shock loss. I will send you some pic. I hope you can put me in your gallerie so I can show to my friends. 2 of my directors at the Mandarin Orientale New York may have the procedure during this fall in your office.

Please send my best regards to your staff.


From USA


Dear dr Pong,

Hope you are doing well. I am very very happy with the result of your work. I cannot wait to get the second operation and complete my hair transplantation with you. In fact I have a bit of change of plan, I will be in Chang Mai next month. I am wondering if you have anything open from the 17th of September to 20th. Please let me know if that is doable for you. If not what other alternative day you may have.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Best regards,


From Canada


Hi Dr. Pong,

My names is J.W. and I had a transplant with you in Feb 2011. I was going return to you for my second transplant, but unfortunately I am in the USA now, and plane tickets are ridiculously expensive. I had my second surgery with Dr. Panine who is on the Hair Transplant Network coalition and has all other pertinent certifications. I hope the results turn out as good as my previous surgery with you.

Dr. Panine said the scar was absolutely beautiful and so were the recipient sites. Even the hair technicians were saying how great it was. Anyways I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did.

Thank you so much

Best Regards,


From USA


Dear Dr.Suradej Pong,

I just wanted to get in contact to express my great thanks for my successful hair operation that I had with yourself earlier this year in February. It is now been over a month at least in which my hair has been fully restored to its previously glory and i could not be happier with the results.

I want to thank your whole team for making me feel relaxed while there and especially the flexibility on providing aftercare especially on the Sunday as it really was useful before I headed back home to London with my wife.

I have enclosed a picture so you can see the results for yourself.

Best wishes and many thanks again,


From England


Hi Doctor Pong,

I am following up with the results of my transplant that was on the 21st June last year, I have a lower fringe and it is not as thin either where you and your staff implanted hair, the combined treatment of the finasteride and the minoxidil over the last 6 months have also thickened the top of my head and the crown area. Basically I appear to have a good head of hair which is obviously good news as far as I was concerned.

I just wanted you to know the results and also that I was very happy with my experience at your clinic, it was a non stressful experience from the moment I met you all the way though and the follow up. I am not self-conscious about my hair any longer. I will be back to see you if I ever need hair transplanted in the future.

I told you that I would get back to you let you know how everything went so just over 6 months I am doing just that, If I can be of assistance by allowing you to use my email as a reference for overseas clients I would be happy to be of assistance to you.

Thank you, your happy customer,


From Australia


Dear Dr Pong,

I underwent a transplant with you in July (maybe early August) last year. I flew into a foreign country, a completely different culture and was apprehensive about whether it was a good idea. It was. While it took a while to start growing and thickened in sporadic bursts it has come up really well.

Nobody comments on my receding hairline anymore. In fact I've been called lucky because people think I don't have balding genes. I will send you some photos soon. At this stage I think I'll be back next year some time to gain more thickness.

Thank you for the life changing experience.

Kind Regards


From Western Australia


Dr. Pong

Hi Dr. how have you been?

I have been very good, very good with my hair.

That's amazing and satisfactory.

Especially before I was kind of deceived by the Dr. here in Australia, so I was very apprehensive, but you are very good. Thank you so much.

Before I was always worried about my appearance with thinning hair in front of other people, but now it is like many years ago with more hair. I feel relieved!!

And there is no sign of side effect from Propecia at all.

My operation was on the 31st of March, so just 5 months have passed, so I am looking forward to 6 months and 7 months with more hair.

I have some questions for you.

1. If I want more density, can I increase it with another operation or is this it with the technology today?

2. I am getting more density now, actually I could not understand how it works.

Because I thought that if I lost 10 hair and you transplanted 10 hair from the back area of my head, I should immediately regain the density. That's what I thought.

But now I am getting more density after several months of operation, how can I understand this?

Anyway thank you Dr. I really liked you and Thailand. You are a very sincere person and with amazing English skill. I would love to be there soon.

I liked Wat rampong temple, I was there every day meditating!!!


From Australia


Sawaatdii Krap Khun Dr. Pong,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that from my perspective, I was totally delighted with the way you and your staff guided me through my recent hair transplant procedure.

Having been through two transplant procedures in my home country in the past years, I am in a good position to compare both clinics, yours and the North American one, procedures, facilities, care of customer and most important post-op commitments.

I can honestly say that your clinic is at another level, a much higher one, your approach, your facilities, your experience and your will to do your very best for your customer is of a superior quality, not to mention your most caring follow-up and stringent post-op commitments.

I will travel to Chiang Mai at least four times per year, next time I am in your lovely city, I will give you a call and perhaps come to show you results, which I am sure will be great,

Please feel free to use whole or in part these comments as testimonial if you choose to do so,

Very best regards,


Koh Samui, Thailand


Great, thanks Dr Pong for your great work. It has truly changed my life.

I look forward to my 2nd procedure and visiting beautiful Chiang Mai.


From Australia


Dear Dr. Pong

My name is P.Z. I had the first Hair transplant done at the end of October 2009. The result exceeded my expectations. After 4 month there is strong growth and I would like to schedule another appointment for the second transplant (crown). You indicated another 3000 grafts are necessary to guarantee a satisfactory result. I already booked the flight to Chiang Mai and would like to have the procedure done at the 14/07/2010 if that is possible.


From Australia


Hi Dr Pong.

Sorry I'm so delayed to send you pics.

I'm happy with the results of my last treatment. I do plan to return again as I when I have enough hair loss to warrant.

Seems to me like my hair loss will continue more on the left side and top. One note, I thought the same donor line had more prolonged sensitivity/itch that I would favor a different line next time. Otherwise, recovery was normal.

Happy western new year,


From USA


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