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Dear Dr. Pong,

Thank you for your email. I'm fine and the same is true for my hair!

I haven't had any problems at all. I find that this year's transplant added some density and I'm very satisfied. I had a haircut today and you can see two pictures before and three after the cut for your reference.

Next time I pass through Chiangmai I shall of course show you in person.

I wish you and your nice staff a very Happy New Year!

With my best regards,


From Switzerland


Dear dr. Pong,

I was in your clinic last may for a hair transplantation

and I wanted to tell you I am very happy with the result.

So thanks a lot and I wish you and your team a very happy New Year.


From Belgium


Dear Dr. Pong,

After my beautifull holidays in my beloved Thailand I am back home in Europe. It's snowing and very cold.

I am very happy with the operation and the great service in your clinic. It was for me unexpected and I recommend you of course to everyone that shows interest.

During the holidays everything went ok. I did not have pain, only itchy now and then. My friend showed the scar to everybody and they all told me it all looks really good.

Now the hair fallen out, although I had a very small hope that I could be lucky it would stay. The only thing that feels a bit strange is that the skin on my head is a bit rough. Perhaps it comes from the sun, but I will see.

I do not worry cause you explained me all detailed and also your website is clear enough.

Also not that my head is more sensitive when I wash my hair and rub the part where the hair was implanted.

But I have one question. I feel in the donorpart some thread (wire) that is still there. Will this fall out after some time ?

Again, thanks for everything you did, you really make miracles come true.


From Holland


Dear Dr.Pong,

how are you sir?? i am doing good...its been over 8 days since the hair transplant procedure but till now there is no pain what so ever,the hair transplant i had done earlier at a hair transplant centre in Dubai was not as wonderful an experience as the one i had with your start of with they took less than 15 mins to cut the donor area and stitch it, but you were kind enough to take great care and patience in taking about 90 mins to cut the donor area carefully so that no hair follicles get damaged during the cutting off the donor area and even the injections that you administered were really really painless...sir,the one in Dubai is not an experience i'd like to repeat, just to bare the pain i almost pierced my nails into my your transplant centre you were kind enough to offer me with lunch and the dubai i was just offered orange juice..its not only the money that i am comparing but the true Hospitality that you have shown of thai culture that really impressed me, at your clinic you were kind enough to take an hour to explain the procedure even though i had done the hair transplant one before...but in Dubai..i was made to sit on the chair and the docter came ...cut the donor area and went to another patient..leaving me to the assistants...but sir you were there in the operation theatre the whole 6 hours plus making sure that my comfort was of prime importance, i have never seen any docter having the presence of mind thinking of the patients comfort as you have...with out me telling that im feeling a bit cold you covered me with a blanket..where else can i get this kind of treatment but at your clinic only sir..your staff was very very very kind always informing me just like how you did prior to whatever you were going to do....Sir,if i have to ever recommend a hair clinic to someone wanting to do a hair transplant..i would not think twice in recommending your name to them...sir even after the surgery you were kind enough to provide me with the medications free of cost (but in Dubai i had to pay extra for the anti-biotic) infact you went in to details of finely sorting the medications into different packs with instructions written clearly. Sir,i really could'nt thank you enough...i will keep you updated on my progress. thank you very much sir and please do thank all of your staff at the clinic.

thanking you in anticipation,

Yours Sincerely,


From Indonesia


Hi Dr. Pong,

I am doing great! How about you?

The transplanted hair grows well. But there are some other areas which are thinning. Might consider for another procedure in near future.

I have attached some photos below.


From Singapore


Hello dr Pong

I am doing fine, I hope you and your staff are doing fine too. So far I am happy with the result. I still have the occasional pimple but it is getting lesser.

I had no problem with the surgery, The only thing I would like is when you do the actual cutting to get the donor hair, that every now and then someone puts a hand on my shoulder. I may sound funny but when was lying face down on the operating table I was feeling a bit scared.

Like I said in my video message I cant wait until it is the end of the year. I do like to discuss the which operating technique you are panning to use on me, the same as before or a combination of FUE and FUT?

Please let me know.

Btw. The pictures where taking with the same camera  (Nikon D40)  that  was used when I send you the first pictures.

(you replied then that you could not do anything for me) so in real it looks better then on this pictures

Best regards


From Holland


Hi Dr Pong,

I am well. The 2nd hair transplant worked out well. The moved hair is growing well, and once again grew very quickly.

I didn't have any complications with the surgery - and the scalp seemed to heal very quickly. After the first hair transplant I had a lot of pin prick like marks on my scalp; and quite a lot of fluid in/under it for the first month. For some reason it didn't occur the second time.

I've attached a couple of pictures for you to evaluate. They're self potraits, and unfortunately they always look a bit strange when I take them with my camera. I think the new hair line looks better than it does in the photos (the camera is too close and the flash is too bright).

The hair around my crown is still a little bit thin - but not enough to worry about. I'm very happy with how my hair now looks and my friends always remark that 'no one would ever know', 'it looks so natural' etc. The new hair line looks very good in my opinion.

Hope you and the team are well and getting through the recession ok (life as a contract computer programmer in NZ/Australia is not good at the moment).

Best Regard,


From New Zealand


Hello Dr Pong,

Every thing fine hairs growing good and my crown has fill in alot. My donors scar alittle bigger this time i'll just leave my hair longer

thats all. How much more growth do think i'll get? I'll send some recent pictures when take some. Once again thanks for great job Dr pong.

Many Thanks


From Australia


Dear Dr Pong.

Thank you very much. It is going very well. There were no complications other than some irritation by the use of minoxidil.

I will be happy to send you some photos. I am currently in Thailand, in Sisaket.

Later on this year, or earlier next year I will bring you a customer from America, Mr B.D.

Best regards

Dr. V.N.

From USA


Dear Dr Pong.

sorry it took so long to reply, I have been in Africa. Yes the hair is growing well, I had a few problems with discomfort and swelling for months after the surgery but that has gone away now. Thank you for doing this surgery, it has been very successful.


From England



how are you?  My hair is great.  when I tell people that I got a restoration, they can hardly believe it.  I'm over seas at the moment but I'll be home soon, so I'll send you some pics when I get home. 

Thanks again.


From USA


Hello Dr. Pong,

This message is far overdue. In August of last year you did a transplant for me.  It took about 3 months before showing some real progress. I have to say it turned out much better than I thought was possible.  Before, I wore a hat because I wanted to cover my head. Now, I wear a hat just to take it off!! My new hairline actually looks better than the one I lost 10 years ago and I certainly appreciate it more. I want to thank you for your outstanding work.Moreover I want to thank you for giving me another chance to feel my age, 29...again


From USA


1st email

Dear doctor.

what can i say.every thing you told me was true.the results are fantastic i thank you and your great staff  very very is now 5 months an 11 days.will it get any better as iam so happy.i have now had a short hair cut and it looks great.i am in the philippines now and iam finding hard to get the tablets i only took 6 months supply. i may have to go to thailand to get some where can i get them please.i may come to show you the results will this be ok.once again thank you very very much you have changed my life around.all the best.


2nd email

Hi doctor.

i hope you like the 6 months are up.the best new year gift i could ask for.i hope to meet you again next year sometime next done a fantastic job and thank you very mutch.i hope you and your wonderful staff have a great new regards


From England


Hi Dr Pong,

I have had no problems with surgery at all, and the hair looks great! I will send you a picture when I get a new camera!

Many thanks! Great job!


From Australia


Hi doctor Pong,

This is my result after 5 months. I can definitely say that is my best present of 2008.

Have a happy new year 2009.


From Italy



I am very pleased with the jobs you have done for my hair. I have had no problems at all, so everything is fine.

I am comming to Thailand mid November, but so far I have no plan for further treatment yet. In the future I will have no hesitation to contact you again if I want some more replacement! I will probably visit Chiang Mai during my stay in Thailand, and maybe I come by your office to say hello!

Best regards


From Norway


Dear Dr Pong,

I am doing great thanks. I trust you are doing fine as well. My hair has grown very nicely. I am very happy of the results. I will do some pics and send you some in the coming days.



From France


dear Dr pong

Yes I am very happy with the results. You and your team did a great job. I hope these attached photos help you.

Have you any further advise?

Kindest regards,


From Ireland


Dear Dr. Pong,

Good morning & is glad to hear from you again.

My hair is growing well. It started growing well @ the fifth month. I have got the photo just taken, will email to you by to night as I do not have the connection cable now & the bluetooth seems not functioning.

I am thinking of proceeding with the 2nd surgery @ your clinic, to cover bit lower forehead & back of the head.

(1) May I know roughly how many grafts are required?

There has been no direct flight to Chiang Mai from S'pore now, i just need to transit @ Bangkok. Looking forward to get your reply. Thank you very much.

Kind Regards


From Singapore


Dear Dr. Pong,

Thank you very much for your message. How are you?

Actually I am doing very well and my every transplanted hair seems growing well. Thanks for your effort again.

Kind regards,


From Korea