Why THT Center

COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION A complimentary consultation with Dr. Pong, our hair transplant surgeon, provides all the most complete need-to-know information about hair restoration and its long-term benefits. During the consultation, Dr. Pong will answer all the questions you may have to help you make the right decision whether hair transplantation is right for you.

DEDICATION Excellent results require a physician and nurses who perform hair transplant surgeries on a regular basis. At THT Center, we specialize and devote our full-time medical practice totally limited to hair transplantation. We do not do it as a sideline along with other cosmetic procedures. This focus enables us to commit ourselves to pursuit of excellence in our field.

NO SALES PERSON OR CONSULTANT Dr. Pong is the only doctor at THT Center who personally handles every consultation himself. There is no sales person or consultant trying to pressure you to undergo the most expensive medical procedure.

PROFESSIONAL CARE AND SERVICE We offer superior quality hair transplantation with our patients in mind. To ensure maximum safety and excellent medical care, we operate on a one-patient-at-a-time basis in the hygienic operating room fully equipped with monitoring equipment, emergency supplies, and sterile instruments while doctor and/or nurses are in attendance at all times. For your convenience, hair washings are provided to you everyday during your post-operative visits with no additional cost.

THE HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGEON DOCTORS CHOOSE There are numbers of doctors, medical practitioners who have experienced hair losses themselves, have chosen Dr. Pong to carry out their hair transplant surgeries.

NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS THT Center has helped its patients worldwide restore their natural-growing hair, using Follicular Unit Grafting with Microscopic Dissection, the latest, advanced, and innovative technique available, to create the looks that are undetectable and to achieve consistent natural looking results, as shown on Patient Gallery.

REASONABLE PRICES We realize how costly it is for you to have a hair transplant done; not everybody can afford it. Thats is why we are making this procedure affordable for everyone. Our costs only a fraction of what it normally does in your country; moreover,our prices, as shown on our web site, are all-inclusive, there are no hidden charges and they are your final costs.

GUARANTEED RESULTS We take great pride in our work and strive to ensure patients complete satisfactions with their hair transplant results. We assure all of our patients that each grafted hair will grow in otherwise it will be replaced FREE OF CHARGE on their next hair transplant sessions.

A HAIR TRANSPLANT WITH A VACATION Hair transplants can be expensive procedures for patients in Europe and the U.S. If you are contemplating hair transplant surgery in your own country, you may want to think again; the costs of airfare to Thailand, travel expenses, and hotel accommodations can be more than offset by the savings on hair transplant in your country. You will be able to enjoy your vacation exploring what Thailand has to offer while having your quality hair transplant done by one of the best surgeons in the world.




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