Surgical Procedure

Hair Transplant Procedure
Donor Scar
Donor Scar

      We perform the hair transplant procedure in an operating room, fully equipped with monitoring equipment, emergency supplies, and sterile instruments. Prior to the procedure, photographs of your entire head will be taken and the doctor will carefully trace your hairline. Then, you will be given relaxing medication, only by mouth.

Graft Dissection Under Microscope
Graft dissection under microscope

One, Two and Three-hair Follicular Unit Grafts
one, two and three-hair
follicular unit grafts
Placement of Graft into Balding Area
Placement of graft into
balding area

     Once the relaxing medication has taken effect, a local anesthetic will be injected, first into your donor area, and then as a block to numb the forehead and front of your scalp. At this point, the entire top of your head will be numb. Therefore, in most instances, hair transplantation is no more painful or difficult to undergo than a long dental procedure, and is done while you are relaxing, listening to music or simply napping.

     After your head is completely numb, a section of tissue is removed from the donor area which will be closed with stitches. There will be a linear scar, which will be hidden by your downward combed hair in the back. Then the tissue is dissected under microscopes into individual follicular units and placed into bald or thinning areas. Within 24 hours, small crusts will form on each graft, and fall out in the next 7-10 days. The grafted hairs will often start to grow within 3-4 months after the procedure and will continue to grow for a lifetime without any special care of any kind.




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