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Dr.Suradej Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Suradej Pong M.D., FRCS.

     Dr.Suradej Pong earned his Medical Degree from School of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand in 1985. Later on he received three-year pediatric surgery training from The Children's Hospital in Bangkok and became a Board Certified pediatric surgeon. With many years of experience in surgery, he studied and began training in the art and the technique of hair restoration surgery with renowned hair transplant surgeons nationally and internationally. He has written several magazine articles on hair transplantation and frequently appears on radio programs and has been a featured speaker on hair transplantation at a number of conferences.

     Dr.Suradej has elaborated his own technique of hair transplantation, which is fast and precise. It is based on placing hair grafts immediately after incision. The use of this technique gives the following benefits: appropriate direction of hair regrowth is achieved, bleeding is reduced, desired density of graft distribution is achieved and the surgery time is significantly shortened.

     Dr.Suradej takes a unique approach to his patients. His belief is to carefully listen to a patient's concerns and provide honest feedback with informative options including the most cutting edge surgical techniques. The entire staff at THT Center, with many years of specialized experiences in hair restoration surgery performing an expansive range of techniques and responding to a wide variety of requests, makes the surgical experience truly special for each patient. Patients from all concerns of the world come to THT Center where they can expect not only good cosmetic surgery but excellent nursing too.

     Dr. Suradej has been practicing hair transplantation since 2001. He is the founder and surgeon of the well-established Thailand Hair Transplant Center (THT Center). He devotes his entire medical practice to the treatment of hair loss, exclusively in hair transplantation.

  Board Certification:
Diplomate of Pediatric Surgery , 1992

Diplomate of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, 2011
Member of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery( ISHRS)
Certificates of attendance:
Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship with an Emphasis on Hair Replacement Surgery from Stough Clinic, Thailand
ISHRS 21st Annual Scientific Meeting, Oct. 23-26, 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2013
ISHRS 20th Annual Scientific Meeting, Oct. 17-20, 2012, The Bahamas, 2012
ISHRS 18th Annual Scientific Meeting at Seaport Hotel& WTC, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, on October 20-24,2010
ISHRS Regional Workshop : New Advances in Asian Hair Transplantation-Live Surgery Workshop at the Montien Riverside Hotel and Jaksu Medical Center, Bangkok, Thailand, June 25-27,2010
ISHRS Regional Workshop Follicular Unit Extraction: State of the Art Methodology and Instrumentation at Hair Sciences Center Colorado , October 2-3,2009
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 8th Annual conference, Hawaii.
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery [ISHRS] and World Hair Society [WHS] 7th Annual Live Surgery Workshop, Orlando, Florida.
Live Hair Transplantation Demonstrations First Travelling workshop of ISHRS and WHS , in Taegu, Korea.

Junjira Registered nurse

Junjira Malakul

Registered nurse

14 years experience and skill in hair transplantation

Tunyalux Registered nurse

Tunyalux Padda

Registered nurse

14 years experience and skill in hair transplantation

Pensri Technician

Pensri Kiddeelae


14 years experience and skill in hair transplantation

Wipavadee Technician

Wipavadee Meuansutiwong


14 years experience and skill in hair transplantation

Chalermsri Technician

Chalermsri Kiddeelae


10 years experience and skill in hair transplantation

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